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trend forecast & design

Directed at individual customer needs, our highly skilled design, merchandise and product development teams offer tailored presentation and design services through:

  • Analysis, interpretation and dilution of international lifestyle trends through travel, attendance of major trade fairs and seasonal fashion weeks throughout the world
  • Brand strategy and development
  • Marketing and conceptualization
  • Fashion sketching and design
  • Graphic design, textile design and technical drawings
  • Grading and pattern making
  • Trim pack and accessory design


Dependent on customer needs, our extensive global supply base allows us to extend our product service offering to:

  • Procure high or low volume apparel, footwear and accessories at the most competitive prices
  • Source all product categories within varying levels of fabrications, trims, accessories and packaging, all the while maintaining speed to market delivery


We have offices in:

Shanghai, Shenzen, Ningbo, Tianjin, Dalian, Xiamen, HK, Bangladesh, Sydney, Cape Town, London, New York


With a strategic focus on understanding our customers’ needs, we are continuously digging deeper into the supply chain ensuring we invest, in order to add value. With direct ownership in strategic sources of manufacturing, we have a competitive edge over our competitors: total control, flexibility and continued innovation.

We are geared to manufacture product lines across all categories of the fashion industry:

  • Within apparel, our product assortment offers denim, wovens, knits and true knitwear across all silhouettes in tops, outerwear and bottoms.
  • Our footwear and accessories offering is all inclusive, covering materials from leather to synthetics, and dress through to casual and sporting.

The global supply chain, inclusive of production lead-times and milestone tracking, are managed by our dedicated logistics and production teams through our customized order tracking system.

All facets of the manufacturing process are strictly regulated and checked against our customers’ specifications. Quality assurance and defect prevention is effectively implemented in accordance with our customers’ requirements by either a nominated third party source or by our extensive in-house quality teams prior to dispatch.


Our global logistics network is carefully managed from factory-to-floor by our dedicated in-house logistics teams which deliver on our promise: on-time and in-full delivery. And we do it fast.

Service and delivery terms are tailored to our customers’ needs allowing us to offer FOB, LDP and DAP incoterms. Warehousing and forwarding facility services are available at all major ports as well as DC and staging facilities at all in-bond locations.

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